In the grim darkness of the year 2035, humanity unearthed a discovery of monumental consequence: the Spiritium Particle.

At the helm of this revelation stood Dr. Savi, a mind of unparalleled brilliance, whose ambition and decorated career marked him as one of the greatest scientific minds of the century.

Spiritium was unearthed through the violent collision of electrons, accelerated to 96.7% the speed of light within the colossal particle accelerator on New Genesis. This enigmatic particle exhibited extraordinary attributes, chief among them the ability to forge quantum portals between parallel realities.

Yet, despite his profound pride in this lifetime achievement, Dr. Savi harbored grave reservations. The latent danger of Spiritium gnawed at him, particularly the peril of its misuse by the world's governments.

Governments, in their insatiable thirst for power, began to harness Spiritium to conduct experiments on soldiers and convicts. The results were both wondrous and terrifying. Spiritium bestowed superhuman abilities upon these subjects, channeling bizarre energies from alien universes into their very beings.

While most scientists remained oblivious to the cataclysmic forces they toyed with, Dr. Savi discerned the truth. Humanity teetered on the brink of annihilation. They were playing gods, and the cost of their hubris was incalculable.

As the shadows lengthened, Savi made his stand. He denounced his colleagues, the scientific community, and the governments, warning of the doom they courted. For his courage, he was branded a madman, silenced, and cast into the wilderness of public scorn.

In the year 2045, after a decade of relentless warfare waged with Spiritium-enhanced super soldiers, Dr. Savi emerged from his exile. For ten long years, he had schemed in the darkness, amassing resources and allies, preparing for his final gambit.

With all his remaining strength, Savi unveiled the truth and forged a weapon of unspeakable power—a nuclear warhead with Spiritium at its core. He named it "Death Centaur."

He unleashed this doomsday device at the heart of Soniapolis, the largest metropolis on New Genesis. The Death Centaur detonated with a cataclysmic roar, obliterating everything within a 20-kilometer radius. But the true horror was yet to come.

From the cataclysmic shockwave and the swirling nuclear smoke, rifts tore open reality, and through them poured the legions of another world. Demons, malevolent and unbound, invaded New Genesis.

These fiends possessed every human who survived the initial blast, twisting them into abominations known as Centaurs. Each Centaur bore a singular, insatiable purpose: to slaughter and devour ten thousand humans. Upon achieving this gruesome quota, they would themselves detonate, birthing another Death Centaur and perpetuating the cycle of destruction.

In three days and three nights, the human civilization of New Genesis was obliterated. The planet descended into an abyss of chaos and despair, as the demons claimed dominion over the shattered remnants of a once-proud world.

Thus began the apocalypse of New Genesis, a tale of hubris and horror, where the folly of mankind unleashed a darkness from which there was no return.

But after consuming and annihilating all of humanity, the remaining Centaurs, those yet to detonate, found themselves bereft of purpose and grew docile. For over 7000 years, they wandered the desolate expanse of New Genesis, their monstrous forms repopulating the ravaged planet.

Despite their demonic nature, a vestige of humanity lingered within them.

From the lineage of the original Death Centaur's spawn, billions of Centaurs were born over the millennia. Then, in the year 9045, a miracle occurred—a new being emerged, the first pure human born from the Centaurs in seven millennia.

This being had white skin, a true human amidst monsters.

He was named Xanatos.

As Xanatos matured, the Centaurs recognized the profound intelligence that set him apart. Within a mere 18 years of his birth, Xanatos demonstrated unparalleled genius. He mastered the art of cloning and forged a new race of humans, known as the Satorians.

Viewing the Centaurs as grotesque remnants of a failed experiment, Xanatos banished them to the heart of New Genesis, imprisoning them within a colossal planetary structure.

He founded SATORIA CORP, an entity that swiftly elevated his new civilization to a Type II status, harnessing the power and resources of entire planets. Under his leadership, the Satorians thrived, marking the dawn of a new era on New Genesis.

Xanatos' rise heralded a time of unprecedented progress and order, as the Satorians reclaimed their world from the shadows of the past and stepped boldly into a future of their own making.

Xanatos would rule the planet and all its resources with an iron fist. Any Centaur that dared oppose him faced annihilation, as Xanatos unleashed a relentless purge, eradicating those who resisted his dominion. Thus began the Grand War against SATORIA CORP.

The Centaurs, weary of their millennia-long existence and yearning for peace, found themselves at a crossroads. Their only path to tranquility lay in the complete destruction of SATORIA CORP and its tyrannical creator. The war raged across New Genesis, pitting the resilient yet brutalized Centaurs against the formidable might of Xanatos and his Satorian forces.

In this epic struggle, the fate of New Genesis hung in the balance, as ancient demons and newly forged humans clashed in a battle that would determine the future of their world. The Centaurs, driven by a desperate hope for peace, faced the overwhelming power of a ruler who sought to cement his control and reshape the planet in his image.

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